Best way to store unused ice melter

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Best way to store unused ice melter

Have you ever wondered why the stored bag of ice melter from last season has turned into a big clump or has become wet? It’s because ice melter is hygroscopic, which means it will draw water in and then eventually go hard.

Your ice melter is still good to use

Even if your Alaskan ice melter has solidified, it’s still good! This doesn’t affect the product's efficiency at all. You should be able to break it up with a screwdriver or chisel.

Always make sure the bag’s re-closable zipper is sealed completely and is air tight. If you have purchased the  jug or pail format,  again, make sure the lid is tightly closed to maximize your chances of preventing this situation.

Best storage conditions

When you store the product indoors, be aware of increased humidity. A tightly sealed package (ie/ bag, jug or pail) will go a long way in preventing your ice melt from becoming wet or forming a hard block.

If you store your ice melter in a colder, drier environment, it can still be used even if it forms hard clumps, as you can just break them up as described above.