Hopefully, you won't ever need it, but it is still important to prevent and make sure to have an emergency kit close at hand in the car. 

If your vehicle fails you while you're on the road, or you get trapped in a snowstorm, or you simply need to change a flat tire under the rain, chances are you will find the following 20 items are pretty handy and a great source of protection as well for you and your family.


Your standard emergency kit should contain:

  1. Flashlight and batteries

  2. First aid kit for cars (with a seatbelt cutter)

  3. Candles and matches

  4. Multitask tool (Swiss army knife or other)

  5. Tire pressure gauge

  6. Safety flares

  7. Extinguisher

  8. Raincoat

  9. Empty gas can

  10. Whistle (to indicate your location)

  11. Booster cables

  12. Duct tape

  13. Reflective safety vest or patch

  14. Water bottles


Also, add the following items before the winter:

  1. Snow brush and scraper

  2. Small snow shovel

  3. Tire chains or traction aids

  4. Warm clothes (toque, gloves, socks, boots)

  5. Warm blanket

  6. Non-perishable snacks (chewy bars) 

All of the above items can easily be found in most stores across the country. There are ready-to-use kits available, but we recommend that you make your own to make sure you know what's in it and be certain that you have all you need when necessary.