Here are answers to frequently asked questions. 

Are ice melters safe to pets?

Ice melters are relatively safe to pets, but a few precautions should be taken to protect them as well as floors and carpets. Animals like salt, and it is a good idea to prevent pets from licking ice melter granules. Keep them indoors while the ice melter is being applied. To prevent pets from tracking residue on floors and carpets, keep a rag or towel near the door and wipe ice melter residue from their paws.

Are ice melters safe to the environment?

Yes, but be sure to apply ice melters according to the manufacturer's instructions and avoid excessive application where melting snow can run into streams, rivers and lakes.

Can ice melters damage your plants or your lawn?

All ice melters that contain chlorides release salts as they form brine solutions. Plants vary in sensitivity to these salts, and damage can result from either direct or indirect contact with the ice melter. Visit our “Tips” section to learn how to protect your plants.

Do ice melters affect concrete?

Most concrete damage is a result of the natural effects of freeze/thaw cycles, not a chemical attack by an ice melter. Before applying Alaskan Premium Ice Melter, read label for full precautions, and always remove snow and ice as soon as melting action has loosened ice.

How long before a snowfall should you apply the Alaskan Ice Preventer?

Apply it up to 48 hours before a snowfall and it will bond with most surfaces to keep the ice from forming. If the snowfall is less than 2 inches, it will melt away, leaving your walkways and stairs free of ice and snow! 

How to get rid of ice melter residue on your flooring?

Residues from ice melters are greatly increased with over-application. Alaskan contains TrueBlue™ technology – a non-staining blue dye that shows you where the product has been applied. This will help avoid over-application. On carpeted surfaces, shampooing will remove residues if vacuuming does not provide sufficient cleaning action.

Is the Alaskan Ice Melter really effective at temperatures as cold as -31 °C?

Sure! Alaskan Ice Melter is one of the few ice melters that have both fast melting and extended melting properties. It starts to melt as quickly as straight calcium, but lasts as long as other sodium/potash blends.

When to apply ice melters?

Whenever the safety of pedestrian or vehicular traffic is threatened by a buildup of snow or ice. By applying an ice melter before precipitation begins, you can prevent ice from bonding to the surface, and simplify shovelling or plowing. Pre-apply only if you are sure physical snow removal can be accomplished soon after.

Will the Alaskan Ice Preventer work with snowfall more than 2 inches?

Of course! It will not allow ice to form on the surface, making it easy to clean off the snow from your surfaces.