Our technology

New and Improved TrueBlue Technology


Since 2001, Alaskan® has helped protect your family before, during and after snowfalls. As we always strive to provide our customers with cutting-edge products, we are thrilled to introduce new and improved features for our Premium Ice Melter and Pet Friendly Ice Melter.


New and improved Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter

Our new Premium Ice Melter is effective in extreme conditions, now down to -35 °C. No other product on the market will take on snow or ice at such a low temperature!

The improved formulation of our exclusive TrueBlueTM technology penetrates snow and ice 2X faster and deeper. Its irregularly shaped, medium-sized granules maximize the formation of brine, providing an unmatched melting power.

The new liquid infusion technology ensures each sodium chloride (salt) granule is covered with calcium chloride, which starts melting instantly and brings consistent results. Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter also contains calcium chloride flakes, which provide long-lasting action and resistance to refreezing for hours.

Finally, we made the non-staining blue dye even more visible, so you can more easily see where you’ve applied the product.

Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter vs. rock salt

  • Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter starts acting faster
  • Salt only melts down to -12 °C
  • Unlike Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter, salt sometimes gives inconsistent results
  • Salt damages concrete and is harmful to vegetation


New and improved Alaskan® Pet Friendly Ice Melter

Our new Alaskan® Pet Friendly Ice Melter works at colder temperatures and melts twice as much ice/snow as before! Now effective down to -26 °C, our new formulation was developed in collaboration with a veterinarian. It’s a blend of calcium chloride, sodium chloride and a glycerine-based hydrating de-icing agent that is gentle on pet paws.

We also made the non-staining orange dye even more visible, so you can more easily see where you’ve applied the product.