Choosing a pet friendly ice melter

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Choosing a pet friendly ice melter

Everyone knows our Canadian winters are particularly harsh. For our safety and that of our family, it is highly recommended to use a de-icing product. Whether it's for sidewalks, pathways or parking areas, you'll need some to survive the colder season.

The use of de-icing salt can have a negative effect on our furry friends. They can be toxic if ingested or they can irritate or even burn their paws. When you choose your ice melter this winter, it is essential to choose one that is pet friendly.

We recommend using our new pet friendly ice melter developped with a veterinarian. This new product has been specificly formulated to be gentle on pet paws.

Cat in snow

Here are a few tips on how to use your Alaskan pet friendly ice melter:

  • Read the label instructions carefully before using the product.
  • For the product to be fully effective, remove all excess snow before use.
  • Remove the melting snow and ice as soon as the melting effect has weakened the ice.
  • Do not apply excessive quantities.
  • Apply evenly and avoid accumulations.

Your pet will thank you for making that choice!