Choosing a pet-friendly ice melter

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Choosing a pet-friendly ice melter

Everyone knows our Canadian winters are particularly harsh. For our safety and that of our family, it is highly recommended to use a de-icing product. Whether it's for sidewalks, pathways or parking areas, you'll need some to survive the colder season.

The use of de-icing salt can have a negative effect on our furry friends. They can be toxic if ingested or they can irritate or even burn their paws. When you choose your de-icer this winter, it is essential to choose one that is pet-friendly.

We recommend using a salt-free product. A urea- and zeolite-based product will be safe for your animal when used as directed. Zeolite is a natural volcanic rock.

Cat in snow

Here are a few tips on how to use your Alaskan pet-friendly de-icer:

  • Read the label instructions carefully before using the product.
  • For the product to be fully effective, remove all excess snow before use.
  • Remove the melting snow and ice as soon as the melting effect has weakened the ice.
  • Do not apply excessive quantities.
  • Apply evenly and avoid accumulations.

Your pet will thank you for making that choice!