Protect your family!

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Protect your family!

Composed of an exclusive blend of ice melting ingredients, Alaskan Premium ice melters are formulated to provide an optimum combination of speed and staying power, melting down to -31 °C (-24 °F). 

Gentle on concrete and safe for pets and vegetation when used as directed, Alaskan will help you prevent slips and falls by cutting into ice and snow within a few minutes.

Before the storm

Get ahead of the storm and apply before snow events! You can prevent ice from forming on concrete, steps, sidewalks and driveways by applying Alaskan Liquid Ice Preventer before the snow storm.

Apply up to 48 hours before freezing rain, ice storms and snowfalls. 

After the storm

For better visibility, just spray Alaskan Windshield De-icer on your windshield, wipers and mirrors to remove frost, ice and snow. It melts away in seconds, allowing you better visibility, and prevents ice and snow build-up. This is also effective to -31 °C (-24 °F).

Stop slips and falls

Alaskan Premium Ice Melter cuts through snow and ice once it’s already on the ground. Melts and breaks ice to create a safe walkway for your family and neighbors.

Effective to -31 °C (-24 °F), it also contains a non-staining blue dye so you can see where you have applied.

Protect your furry friends

Alaskan Pet friendly Ice Melter is a salt-free ice melter designed to be gentle on paws and safe for pets. Contains zeolite for improved traction and provides immediate safety on icy surfaces. Effective to -11 °C (12°F).