1. Plan ahead:

If snow accumulation is expected, use an ice preventer to make it easier to remove the snow, or an ice melter to prevent slips and falls.


2. Warm up:

Give your body time to get used to the physical effort. Start with removing the snow from your vehicle!


3. Push the snow:

Use a sleigh shovel to push the snow instead of lifting it. If that is not possible, read point #4.


4. Lift wisely:

To give your back muscles a little rest, bend your knees, lift with your legs, and avoid rotating the trunk.


5. Go out often:

When snow accumulation is expected, go shovel a few times over a longer period of time. Shoveling several smaller quantities will be easier than shoveling all of the snow in one go.


6. Use appropriate equipment:

A shovel with an ergonomic handle will reduce the risk of back injuries. Know that a good shovel should weigh less than 3 pounds (1.5 kg).


7. Drink water:

Because of the low temperatures, you may not feel like you're warm. Shoveling can be more demanding than you think. Take a break once in a while and keep hydrated.