Bird Feeder Project to Do With the Kids

Reading time: 2 minute(s)
Bird feeder with Alaskan Jug

Life's a bit tougher for birds in the winter, especially because of the cold and lack of food. Help them make it through and make your own bird feeder using a jug of Alaskan Premium Ice Melter. It's a simple project kids will have fun doing with you. Here's how to proceed in a few easy steps.


  • empty jug of Alaskan Premium Ice Melter
  • drill
  • precision knife (e.g., X-Acto)
  • long wooden spoon
  • jute rope


  1. Clean your jug of Alaskan Premium Ice Melter thoroughly with dish soap and warm water.
  2. If you haven't done it already, unscrew the lid and drill a hole on the top, right in the middle. The hole must be just slightly bigger than the jute rope.
  3. Get one end of the rope through the hole and tie a double knot at the other end to keep it from passing through completely.
  4. Then, drill a hole on the front of the jug, at the bottom centre. Drill another hole on the other side, about ½ inch higher. Those holes are for the wooden spoon, so make sure they aren't too big. You want the spoon to stay firmly in place.
  5. Using the precision knife, make a small opening (about ½ in. x ½ in.) on the front of the container, above the hole.
  6. Get the wooden spoon through the holes so it collects the seeds that will fall through the opening.
  7. Fill your feeder, put the lid back in place and hang it to a tree branch you can access easily.

You're done! Make sure to refill the feeder on a regular basis and enjoy the show birds will put on!