How to keep your driveway clear from snow

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How to keep your driveway clear from snow

Winter is coming soon, so those of you out there who love skiing and snowboarding are no doubt waiting with baited breath. Also coming soon are icy, snow-packed roads, driveways, and sidewalks, and it’s hard to imagine anyone finds that exciting. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the strain and inconvenience we all experience trying to keep the driveway clear from snow.

Choose the right shovel

Someone shoveling snow

It’s important to have the right equipment, no matter the task. To get the best results when shoveling snow, choose a shovel with an s-shaped handle. These are much easier on your back than the traditional straight pole. A plastic shovel is the best choice for clearing wooden decks, as there is less chance of damage.

Before you start, spray the shovel on both sides with non-stick cooking oil. This bit of lubrication helps the snow slide off more easily. Re-apply the spray before each use.

Break up thick ice

If rain has frozen and left the driveway with a thick coating of ice, you are better off trying to break it up before shoveling. A wrecking or pry bar can be effective for this task.

Prevent your driveway becoming blocked

It is exasperating to spend an hour clearing your driveway, only for a plough to come along and push the snow right in front of it again. You can prevent this by shoveling the shoulder to the left of the driveway entrance for a distance of 10 to 12 feet. Thus, when the plough comes along, there will be no snow for it to push in front of your driveway.

Snow blower tips


Try to find the optimum speed when using your snow blower. If you push it too fast, snow will spill out the sides; push too slow and you won’t get sufficient distance with the arc.

For best results, start in the middle and throw the snow towards one edge of your driveway. Do a U-turn to the other side, clear the strip, and keep alternating. This ensures maximum efficiency because any snow that does blow completely to the edge will be picked up by later passes.

If the house is next to the driveway, start on that side as it ensures snow will not blow on to your home.

Ice prevention products

No one likes shoveling and or dealing with the corrosive effects of salt. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could just put on your concrete sidewalk, steps, and driveway to prevent ice from building up to begin with? What about one also able to handle the ice and snow already there? 

Well, there is! Alaskan Ice Prevention Products hail from right here in Canada, so the company is very familiar with just how tough our winters can get. You can apply the Alaskan Ice Preventer to these surfaces as much as 48 hours before a snowfall and still get desired results. 

Effective at temperatures of up to -31°C, this product is also up to 75% less corrosive than salt, which is good for both your concrete and vehicles. For those customers with animals, Alaskan also offers a pet-friendly version.