Is Your Kid Well Protected in Their Car Seat in The Winter?

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Is Your Kid Well Protected in Their Car Seat in The Winter?

All parents of young children know there's a multitude of things to see to when using a car seat for a trip, whether short or long. For instance, the seat must be well adapted to the kid's height and weight, and it must be properly secured. However, not all parents know that in the winter, snowsuits can hinder the effectiveness of car seats, and even have major consequences in the event of an impact. Here is how.

Of course, during the cold season, your first reflex is to protect your kid by dressing them warmly from head to toes. Nothing could be more natural! But there's a slight detail that should not be neglected: the thickness of the snowsuit. Indeed, most of the snowsuits offered on the market are thick and cumbersome, and they give the impression that the car seat's harness is tight. It must be pointed out that in the event of an impact, your kid's snowsuit will be compressed, which will cause the harness to loosen up. Therefore, your kid could be thrown forward, or worse, ejected from the seat.

How to ensure your kid is well protected in their car seat in the winter then? There are various solutions: warm up the car a few minutes before seating your kid; take the snowsuit off before seating your kid and cover them with a warm blanket once the harness has been properly installed; or you can choose to dress your kid with several layers of thin, warm clothes instead of a conventional snowsuit.

You now know more about how to use your kid's car seat correctly. Have a nice trip!