Safety tips for winter driving Whether it's during the Holidays or not, we often hit the road in the winter to pay our friends and family a little visit. More details Tips for a safe Holiday season at home That period of the year is undoubtedly one of the most magical there is. Traditions, decorations and family reunions make for great times and memories. More details Choosing a pet-friendly ice melter When you choose your de-icer this winter, it is essential to choose one that is pet-friendly. Read more Tips to make your electricity bill go down Tips to make your electricity bill go down Read more How to get rid of ice melter residue on your flooring While ice melter residues are common on sidewalks and parking lots, tracking of ice melters indoors can also result in residues on floors and carpets. Read more Best way to store unused ice melter Have you ever wondered why the stored bag of ice melter from last season has turned into a big clump or has become wet? Read more Tips to avoid injuries when shoveling snow Here are some tips to avoid injuries when shoveling snow. Read more How to keep your driveway clear from snow Winter is coming soon, but fortunately, there are ways to reduce the strain and inconvenience we experience trying to keep the driveway clear from snow. Read more How do ice melters affect concrete? Most concrete damage is a result of the natural effects of freeze-thaw cycles. Read more How to use Alaskan Premium Ice Melter This short video will explain how to use the Alaskan Ice Melter on steps, driveway and walkways. Watch video What should your emergency car kit contain? Hopefully, you won't ever need it, but it is still important to prevent and make sure to have an emergency kit close at hand in the car. Read more 6 Ways to survive the cold and winter Despite the cold weather, there are several winter activities that will positively impact your health and make you feel like winter isn't all that long after all. Read more How temperatures affect ice melter efficiency A term commonly used to compare different ice melters is “Effective Melting Temperature”, which means the lowest temperature at which an ice melter will realistically melt ice. Read more Alaskan - Ice Melt Preventer Testing (TV Spot) The scientists at Alaskan who develop products for AFTER a storm bring you a NEW technology to protect your family BEFORE the storm. Watch video What you need to know about ice melters When ice melter granules contact ice or snow, they begin to form a brine solution. Read more How ice melters affect your pets and home Ice melters are relatively safe to pets, but a few precautions should be taken to protect pets, floors and carpets. Read more